Kitchen Garden Kit Soil Refill

Kitchen Garden Kit Soil Refill

Item #4742

A better growing media for better food! We partnered with Wonder Soil® to bring you an organic, coir-based, environmentally friendly media that is specially formulated for growing microgreens and baby greens. Most growing media is made with peat, which is an integral part of the bog wetlands environment, and is not a sustainable product; harvesting peat depletes the bog habitat. Our media is made with coir, which unlike peat, is a renewable resource made from coconut husks that would otherwise be discarded. Worm castings have also been added to give your greens all the nutrients they need to grow. The refill contains enough to sow two standard 10" x 20" tray/flats of microgreens or baby greens (tray filled to half the depth).

  • Organic
  • Made with coir and worm castings
  • Specially formulated for microgreens and baby greens
  • Two sowings of microgreens and baby greens
  • Manufactured in the USA

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