Sunflower Moulin Rouge Pollenless Seeds

Sunflower Moulin Rouge Pollenless Seeds

Helianthus annuus hybrid

Item #1191

Annual. Moulin Rouge is a stunning, true red sunflower, on multi-branching plants. A dramatic accent in beds, borders, and arrangements. For highest quality cut flowers, planting closer together will produce longer stems and smaller flowers. For long-lasting vase life, cut before flower is completely open. Pollenless flowers mean no more messy pollen-drop when brought indoors. Attracts pollinators. Drought tolerant once established.


Full sun

Blooms summer
to fall

4'-6’ tall

Days to Emerge:
10-15 days

Seed Depth:

Seed Spacing:
A group of
2-3 seeds
every 18”-24”

When 3” tall,
thin to 1
every 18”-24”

When to sow outside: RECOMMENDED. 1 to 2 weeks after average last frost, and when soil temperature is 65º–75ºF.

When to start inside: Not recommended; does not transplant well.

Artist: Pat Fostvedt

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